About Us

About Us

Ecco Solution is based on a revolutionary patented technology which requires no additional fuel. Ecco Solution is increasingly recognized as the perfect solution for solid waste management.

Ecco Solution is a commercially implementable solution to easily manage municipal waste, from small scale units and industries, Auditorium, Educational institutions, Hospitals, Airport, Health centers, Super markets, Residential apartments, Villas, Railway stations etc. It helps dispose of the waste easily with minimum investment and absolutely no recurring costs. It requires very little space and can even be installed on rooftops. The by-product is ash which can be used as fertilizer or for making ash based light weight bricks.

Our Mission

Provide services and develop products through collective effort of a team of dedicated, highly skilled engineers and technicians, adopting and developing advanced technologies with the qualities of precision, innovation and refinement, commited to the full satisfaction of customers and to the long term relationship with them.

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