Fuel Free . Eco Friendly . Inexpense . No Maintenance



The no fuel waste dispenser with the unique AORT (Atmospheric Oxygen Rotating Technology) turns any solid waste material permitted to be incinerated into pure ash within minutes adhering to relevant emission standards. Within 3 to 4 minutes, the temperature inside the closed chamber reaches very high degrees depending upon the nature of the waste material. The two layer thick insulation prevents thermal radiation which keeps the enviornment cool outside even while it is burning inside. The high quality steel chimney which can stand up to a temperature of 1000 degree centigrade makes.

Features of the product

  • It's eco friendly
  • The smoke emission can be controlled with water scrubber system in the chimney
  • No fuel is required
  • No technicians are required for operating and maintaining.
  • No big area is required for installation
  • No big investment is needed
  • The ash can be used as fertilizer
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