Be it in your home office or industry!

Ecco Solution is based on a revolutionary patented technology which requires no additional fuel. Ecco Solution is increasingly recognized as the perfect solution for solid waste management.It helps dispose of the waste easily with minimum investment and absolutely no recurring costs. It requires very little space and can even be installed on rooftops.

Make your space clean and tidy

Ecco Solutions incinerator burns solid wastes with short time. It doesn't need any fuels. Atmospheric oxygen is used for the burning process inside a closed chamber. Temperature ranges can be attain up to 1000 degree centigrade within 5 minutes of the burning depending upon the nature of the waste. You can burn upto 30 percent of wet wastes along with 70 percent of dry wastes. This eco-friendly equipment is essential for hospitals, hotels, auditoriums, schools, colleges, stadiums, theaters, malls, etc.

Need of the product

Used sanitary napkins and diapers, which are non-biodegradable are usually disposed off in dust bins or open surfaces which may give rise to various contagious diseases or when they are disposed off in toilets, they lead to block up of sewage systems. To overcome this common problem, an easy to use and economical Fuel-free Ecco Disposer is designed that scientifically destroys the used napkins and diapers etc, without causing any harm to the enviornment.

Useful for installation in :
School and Colleges
Ladies Hostels
Public Toilets
Railway Stations and Waiting Rooms
Malls, Hotels, Cinema theaters
IT Industries
Public offices and many more places
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